9 Items Worth Buying at Dollar Tree on a Middle-Class Budget (2024)

9 Items Worth Buying at Dollar Tree on a Middle-Class Budget (1)

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Everyone loves to save money and everyone still has to shop for the things they need in life. While some people can afford to splurge money willy-nilly due to a large upper-class income, the common folk are solidly earning and spending on a tighter middle class budget.

How does “middle-class” get defined these days? According to The Pew Research Center, individuals or households that have incomes which are two-thirds to double the U.S. median household income are considered to be middle-class.

One of the best places to pick up useful household items and daily got-to-have-it purchases is at Dollar Tree. When you shop at the discount retailer known for giving customers a good deal, you know you can stay well-within a middle-class budget.

GOBankingRates reached out to some retail and shopping experts to find the top items worth buying at Dollar Tree on a middle class budget. Make sure you add their suggestion to your shopping list the next time you are picking up a few items at Dollar Tree–your bank account will thank you for it.


From mayo to mustard and every spread and topping in between-it’s all at Dollar Tree and affordable on a middle class income, according to Catherine Rall, Registered Dietitian at Happy V.

“Dollar Tree is a great place to get simple condiments like ketchup and mustard, as well as basic spices like salt and pepper,” Rall stated. “These things have simple ingredient lists and long shelf lives, so you can generally be confident that you’re getting a quality product that isn’t expired.”

Sterilite White Storage Mini Crate

“Given that you can find Sterilite items at a variety of stores, this likely isn’t a Dollar Tree exclusive, but the fact you can get them for $1.25 each makes the price more likely to only be found at Dollar Tree,” said Julie Ramhold, Consumer Analyst with Deal News.

“While these are small, measuring 9×7.8×6.1″, they’re still handy for organizing a variety of smaller items and their affordability is perfect for households that are looking for organizing solutions that won’t break the bank,” explained Ramhold.

USB Car + Wall Chargers

“Having a reliable USB charger is an absolute must these days, what with our constant reliance on smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets,” said James Velco, President and CIO of TechNoir CIO Solution.

“Those name-brand chargers from big electronics stores can really set you back though, costing anywhere from $9 to $20. That’s why the chargers at Dollar Tree are such a great bargain at just $1.25 each,” Velco went on to explain. “For anyone watching their budget, these affordable chargers from Dollar Tree are definitely worth picking up.”

Whiskey Glasses

“These 10.5oz glasses are highly rated, $1.25 each, and honestly great to add to your cabinets whether you drink whiskey or not,” said Ramhold.

“Because of their affordability, it’s easy to add as many as you need to your collection without having to worry about buying a pack of multiples and while they might not be able to survive a significant drop (they are just glass after all) their price makes that risk a little easier to write off if need be, especially if you’re on a middle class budget and not super concerned with product longevity,” Ramhold continued.

“Even so, the high ratings point to a reasonable quality that means these glasses should hold up just fine as long as you care properly for them,” Ramhold noted.

Gaming Mouse Pad

“If you’re a casual gamer, dropping big bucks on a fancy high-performance gaming mouse pad probably doesn’t make a ton of sense,” explained Velco. “That’s where Dollar Tree’s $5 gaming mouse pad come in clutch.”

“While they obviously don’t pack in all the advanced features of those $50+ gaming pads, they still offer a nice upgrade in precision and comfort compared to just using a basic, run-of-the-mill mouse,” Velco went on to describe.

“For middle-class gamers looking to enhance their gameplay experience without spending a fortune, these affordable gaming mouse pads from Dollar Tree really deliver great bang for your buck,” Velco concluded.

Round Plastic Planters with Spouted Saucers

These planters have high ratings and are great for anyone looking to step up their plant game this spring, according to Ramhold.

“They’re $1.25 each and are well-suited for pouring off excess water if you accidentally give your green friends too much,” Ramhold described, “which means being able to prevent things like root rot easier. They also come in three different colors so you can pick the ones that suit your setup best.”

Canned and Dried Goods

“You definitely do need to check expiration dates here, but canned goods are a great deal at Dollar Tree, and also an affordable way to get more nutrition in your diet,” Rall said. “Go for canned fruits, vegetables, and beans and you’ll have simple, nutritious ingredients.”

Rall also applied the same rule of thumb for dry goods and packaged dinners at Dollar Tree. “Simple, dry staples like rice, beans, sugar, and flour can be especially good deals at Dollar Tree,” Rall added. “They’re also simple and have a long shelf life.

Embossed Tuscan-Inspired Planters

“If you want a more sophisticated look for your plants, these embossed planters come in three different colors — red, teal, and cream — and will set you back $5 each,” said Ramhold.

“But the classy look they have is more suitable than the plastic planters for displaying your plants in the more high-trafficked areas of your home, and the vibrant colors can easily be worked into pretty much any color scheme in your home at a reasonable price,” Ramhold highlighted.

“Plus, they have great ratings so you can shop with confidence and stock up for every season,” added Ramhold.

Frozen Foods

“Dollar Tree offers high-quality products allowing you to skip the more expensive big-box and department stores for things for your everyday needs,” said Adam Wood, Co-Founder of RevenueGeeks. “Due to rising inflation and tight budgets, everyone is looking for ways to save, and Dollar Tree eases this burden with its huge variety of minimum rates and quality products.”

“This is another situation where you can stock up on things with simple ingredient lists that will definitely not be spoiled,” agreed Rall. “Frozen vegetables, fruits, and meats are already a great deal, and they’re an even better one at Dollar Tree.”

“There is an amazing variety of frozen foods offered at Dollar Tree, where you can get them for a low price so you can save money for the future,” Wood pointed out. “In store, customers can find a wide variety of products such as pizza, vegetables, pasta dishes, desserts, and even brand-name items that aren’t available online.”

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9 Items Worth Buying at Dollar Tree on a Middle-Class Budget (2024)


9 Items Worth Buying at Dollar Tree on a Middle-Class Budget? ›

Dollar Tree annual operating expenses for 2024 were $31.486B, a 20.66% increase from 2023. Dollar Tree annual operating expenses for 2023 were $26.095B, a 6.47% increase from 2022. Dollar Tree annual operating expenses for 2022 were $24.51B, a 3.76% increase from 2021.

What are the expenses of the Dollar Tree? ›

Dollar Tree annual operating expenses for 2024 were $31.486B, a 20.66% increase from 2023. Dollar Tree annual operating expenses for 2023 were $26.095B, a 6.47% increase from 2022. Dollar Tree annual operating expenses for 2022 were $24.51B, a 3.76% increase from 2021.

What is the net worth of a Dollar Tree? ›

Dollar Tree has a market cap or net worth of $26.54 billion as of April 26, 2024. Its market cap has decreased by -19.95% in one year.

How does Dollar Tree get stuff so cheap? ›

Other ways dollars stores sell for cheap

Another method dollar stores use is sourcing liquidated items. This means that when other businesses close, dollar stores often swoop in to purchase their inventory at significantly reduced prices. As a result, these items are available in dollar stores at lower prices.

How are things so cheap at Dollar Tree? ›

Sometimes, products hit the dollar stores because of damage or lack of freshness. BUT, they are often just offered cheaper because they operate on slimmer margins than grocery stores. Many items were surplus or overstock items from a company.

Does WalMart own Dollar Tree? ›

Does Walmart own Dollar Tree? No, Dollar Tree is a publicly traded company owned by its independent shareholders. WalMart and Dollar Tree are both Fortune 500 companies and are competitors.

How much does the CEO of Dollar Tree make? ›

Management criteria checks 0/4. Dollar Tree's CEO is Rick Dreiling, appointed in Jan 2023, has a tenure of 1.25 years. total yearly compensation is $136.56M, comprised of 0.6% salary and 99.4% bonuses, including company stock and options. directly owns 0.003% of the company's shares, worth $867.77K.

How much debt is Dollar Tree in? ›

Total debt on the balance sheet as of January 2024 : $10.38 B. According to Dollar Tree's latest financial reports the company's total debt is $10.38 B. A company's total debt is the sum of all current and non-current debts.

How is Dollar Tree doing financially? ›

Fourth Quarter Results

Consolidated net sales increased 11.9% to $8.63 billion. Enterprise same-store net sales increased 3.0%, driven by a 4.6% increase in traffic, partially offset by a 1.5% decline in average ticket.

What questions do they ask at a Dollar Tree interview? ›

Interview questions at Dollar Tree
  • What my hobbies where, why I wanted to work at the store. If I had reliable transportation. ...
  • I was only asked what my availability was and can I lift heavy objects. ...
  • Availability, why you want to work there, past experience (it's ok if you don't have any)

Why is Dollar Tree getting more expensive? ›

His claim is that the price increase will allow the chain to offer a wider assortment of products, but this may come as a shock to many people's wallets. With prices spiking, you may want to consider buying some of the following products now, before the increase hits.

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