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I've made this twice. The first time I strained it, per recipe. It was good, seemed more like juice than gazpacho. Would probably be good with a little vodka and Tabasco. But I missed the fiber, so the next time I puréed the heck out of it, but did not strain. I liked it better. Drank the vodka straight. :)


I am from Madrid but spent almost all the summers before I was 28 yr-old in Andalucía, where I own a place. Your recipe is pretty accurate but I want to give you some feedback. First of all, I definitely use less oil. We also add a pinch of cumin and we leave half the peel of the cucumber on for better digestion. Last, we add the white center of days-old bread (a third or half of a French baguette-like) soaked in vinager, to the blender. The bread makes it really creamy, great use of old bread!


In short: Strain the soup. I learned by experience.

The first time, it seemed so nicely liquified, using the Vitamix, that I served it as was, seemingly delicious.

The second time I strained it and the soup was transformed. The flavors so precise, unusual in purity, they required no garnish, no drizzle, no crouton. The guests were in unanimous agreement on this point.

Other notes: go a bit shy with the sherry vinegar and salt, you can add more later if needed. A little goes a long way.

Alan C Brown

Everyone liked it. A cautionary note- if you make it in the food processor, there is a reason for that Fill line marked at the bottom third of the plastic container - makes a big foamy mess all over your counter if you just fill the whole thing up with the ingredients and process away assuming nothing will run over.......


Ok,this is the second time that I made this with....hold your breath!! Canned San Marzano tomatoes! Gasp,cough,cough!! Turned out excellent each time and what a saver of time. Did not strain and I also put in a squeeze of tomato paste for good measure. Perfect!! Chilling now in the fridge, cheers!


Surprisingly authentic compared to most recipes. Not sure the onion belongs. Be careful with the pepper....omit if cubanelles are not available. A regular green bell pepper ruins the gazpacho.


This is indeed how we make it in Seville! A few things-Smaller, sweeter varieties of tomato are usually better (juicy, not beefsteak for example).-Flash boil the tomatoes to peel them (along with coring them) and you'll save yourself the step of straining, which some people say takes away from the flavor.-Remove the germ from your garlic, or you'll be tasting it all night.-The part about chilling at least 6 hours is bologna.. just chill till cold or stir in ice cubes.


Great recipe and very authentic to what I enjoyed in Barcelona. After rough chopping the vegetables (and by the way I prefer without the onion), I salt and leave for about an hour. This develops a ton more flavour. Then puree, making sure to add oil very slowly for a good emulsification. Finally I reserve small amount of the vegetables to fine chop and add at the end for a bit of texture (only if you're going to eat from a bowl rather than drink from a glass).


Gaspachamole. I added a dead ripe avocado and it whips into something airy. Doesn't need to be strained. Top with chimichurri as garnish. Not sure if it's soup, sauce or dip, but gracious it is good. Going to try it on polenta.


My go-to cold soup cheat: Left over tossed salad, clove of garlic, plain yoghurt. Blend. Done


It's the real deal, this recipe. My mother in law living in Tarragona, Spain taught me to make it like this. Sometimes leaving out garlic, depending on the guests. I use a deep red bell pepper when I make it in the early summer, to sweeten the taste, when the tomatoes are still not fully ripened.


I've made this recipe several times, and it seems to separate whenever the tomatoes, onion and/or cucumber are especially juicy. The thing to do, especially when working with ripe ingredients, is to add the olive oil in step 2 very, very slowly, making sure it fully emulsifies before adding more. On the other hand, if the gazpacho separates in the fridge, just give it a good stir with a wooden spoon before serving. It's still just as delicious (and nobody is any the wiser!).

Steve Muni

If you can't get cubanelle peppers, you might try an Anaheim. Or use some sweet red pepper instead.

Nicole Gardner

This is actually a great emergency dish: you don't need 6 hours ...

Once (emergency) I made it at 6 pm, put it in a metal bowl in the freezer, stirred twice, and enjoyed it an hour later (after stirring well to melt and incorporate the tiny frozen bits).

Also, if your tomatoes are not perfectly ripe and flavorsome, you can cheat by adding a bit of high quality tomato paste.

Straining makes this exceptionally lovely on the tongue.


I never liked gazpacho until we made this today from the first to ripen of our bumper crop of tomatoes. I could live on it, and might, expecting radiant health and a welcome weight loss (except on days I add vodka to it). Made exactly as written, using a Vidalia onion, cubanelle pepper and finishing it by liquefying in a standing blender. I prefer to drink it, and wouldn't add bread, which would dilute the pure and perfectly balanced vegetable flavors, and make it heavy. Thank you, Julia!

Kristine C

the BEST gazpacho recipe. make it every summer.

Chef Bernard Twardy

Great recipe!!! I Iike a slice o ciabatta to thickened the soup and 10 cm of celery and a pinch of cumin in the blender.


The suggestion to use a 28 oz can of San Marzano tomatoes is excellent! Makes this so easy. I have a sturdy blender that goes to liquify. I do 30 seconds on the medium setting, 30 on the next highest, then a minute on liquify. Then I slowly stream in the olive oil. I don't strain and it is so delicious. People rave over this.


I follow almost exactly, but use cherry tomatoes for the most of the tomatoes, plus a couple very ripe if available. Regular bell peppers work fine, plus add a small bit of a more picante fresh pepper if you want the punch. Also, I filter first, then return it to the blender to add the salt, vinegar and oil. Sometimes a little more salt and or vinegar is needed. The strainer and the food mill both work for filtering.


She forgot the slice (or more if you like it thicker) of day old bread soaked in water until soft, then squeezed and blended with the other ingredients. The bread is important!


Having just returned from Seville with a recipe from the chef/owner of Azotea there for the absolute best gazpacho I've ever tasted, i was delighted to find almost his exact recipe here. My replica of the one here was almost identical but a bit bitter so I added the 2 raw carrots his recipe included. No more bitter taste! His recipe calls for plain old white vinegar, which I'll use the next time I make gazpacho.


Has anyone tried freezing this?


I’ve made this recipe 5-6 times in the last few months. I use 3 cloves garlic (i and my family like garlic); I’ve made it with the 1/2 cup olive and (or a richer version) with a cup of olive oil. I’ve added a cup of course chopped celery. This last time, I added a tsp of aged (thick) balsamic vinegar—for a touch of sweetness to bring out the tomato flavors. All good.


I used what I had on hand, which was:1 pint cherry tomatoes 1/4 onion1/3 c jarred giardiniera + some liquid1/4 tsp sherry1 clove Salt + olive oil


Had to make this while we were just in Surprise Summer in September... WOW!No straining but I did throw in a day old piece of garlic bread plus all of the other ingredients except that I did not have a pepper so I added a hit of hot sauce- that did the trick. I will make this again and again. Thank you Julia!


Love, love, love this recipe!

Great And Easy

I am obsessed with this soup during tomato season. I have been making it twice a week. Its the Platonic ideal of cold soups.


Delicious! I did strain it and loved it that way. But I can see either strained or unstrained working well. I did find that a custard cup worked better than a spatula to push the liquid thru the strainer. A small bowl or flat bottomed drinking glass would also work well

matt t

I can’t count how many times I’ve made this. Great every time. Fresh vegetables and good sherry vinegar are key. I don’t bother straining and barely chop anything (just enough to get it all to fit in the vitamix)

Great And Easy

My home is divided on this soup. My wife and 6 year old son are not fans while my 4 year old daughter and I love it. I always have some in the fridge for the 2 of us during tomato season. It is so eąsy and wonderful if you have great ingredients.

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Best Gazpacho Recipe (2024)
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