Dean, University and Academic Achievement | Admission (2024)

Receiving this scholarship signifies ASU's investment in you and your ability to tackle fresh academic challenges and contribute to the university community.We want you here.And we want to help you be successful, fulfilled and engaged during your student experience and on into a fulfilling future. Your journey at ASU is an opportunity to learn, explore and make a positive difference in the world.

Scholarships can help cover the cost of college tuition. Everyone’s tuition differs depending on a number of factors such as what you study, whether you live on campus and more. To get an idea of your tuition, check out thetuition estimator. In addition to your New American University scholarship, you can also explore other ways to pay for college.

Comparing University Financial Aid Offers

When comparing offers from other universities, it’s important to note that your award is renewable every semester for eight semesters, as long as you remain eligible. Some scholarships at other universities are one-time scholarships and don’t cover costs for your entire college experience. It’s also important to remember that changing your program, residency or campus may result in a scholarship amount adjustment.

One university in many places

Students who are admitted to ASU's West Valley or Polytechnic campus are also eligible to receive an additional campus-based scholarship, making the cost of college even more affordable. If you've been admitted to ASU's Tempe or Downtown Phoenix campus, you cansubmit a requestto change your major to a program on the West Valley or Polytechnic campus. Once approved, your scholarship amounts will be adjusted.

Changes in program, residency or campus may result in a scholarship amount adjustment.

Why choose ASU?

High-quality academics

When President Michael Crow came to ASU more than 20 years ago, he set out to design a university that was not only accessible to any student who wanted a college education, but that also offered an exceptionally high-quality academic experience. Under President Crow’s leadership, ASU became noted for excellence and accessibility. Here you’ll find that a wide range of ASU academic programs rank highly among some of the nation’s and world’s most prestigious academic institutions. Add to that our No. 1 rankings in innovation, global impact and sustainability, and you’ve got a university that is committed to excellence in all that it does.

Why Arizona?

No matter what you study or how you want your college experience to look, ASU offers an unbelievable amount of opportunities. Because of its location in metro Phoenix, the fifth-largest city in the nation, you can take part in ASU's exclusive partnerships with businesses and organizations throughout the city, or gain on-the-job experience in an internship in your field of study.Many of these types of opportunities simply don’t exist in smaller college towns.

ASU is also at the heart of thesemiconductor industry, which is booming in the Phoenix area. We are building facilities and training students to become part of this important and in-demand field. We also offer numerous degree programs in the largestengineeringandartsschools in the nation.

We could go on, but the best way for you to see what you can do at ASU is to come for avisit and campus tour.

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Design an engaging academic and extracurricular experience at ASU

One advantage of ASU is that you get to design a customized experience. Your ASU journey will be unlike any other student’s.

Start with academics: Decide if you want to double major or pick up a minor or certificate. Or you can choose an accelerated degree program where you can work toward a master’s degree while finishing up your bachelor’s degree with an accelerated master's program. ASU offers course flexibility, with the option to take summer session courses or hybrid courses (a mix of online and in-person classes).

Next, extracurriculars: At ASU, you can work alongside a professor on a research project, study for a semester in another country, take on an internship, work for ASU with an on-campus job, join a student club, join an intramural sports team, or volunteer. Have an entrepreneurial streak? Get mentorship and funds to help get your good idea off the ground.

Whatever path you want to take, we can help you plan it and support you all the way.

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Keeping you feeling your best

To do your best and thrive in college you need to be doing well emotionally and physically, which is why ASU places an emphasis on student well-being. All students have 24/7/365 access to free, unlimited counseling services. You’ll also get use of ASU Health Services when you’re sick or for preventative care, and you’ll have a membership to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex, ASU’s state-of-the-art fitness center.

You have a place at ASU

For many of our highly accomplished students, being in an environment where everyone thrives is a welcome departure from the stress of intense competition.

At ASU, we measure ourselves as a university not by whom we exclude, but by whom we include. That means we want you here. We further measure ourselves by how you succeed. That means you’re not in it alone. We’ve got your back. We’ll pick you up if you fall, point you in the right direction and cheer you on the entire way.

Next steps

Complete your next steps to enroll in classes so you can take advantage of your scholarship. If you have any questions about your scholarship, please connect with an admission representative.

Dean, University and Academic Achievement | Admission (2024)
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