5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (2024)

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (1)

Are you looking for used cars in France? If so, you might wonder where to find the best deals, the most reliable sellers, and the most suitable models. Buying a used car can be a smart and economical choice but also daunting and risky. You need to consider various factors, such as the price, condition, history, warranty, and car paperwork. You also need to compare different options and negotiate with the seller.

In this article, we will list the five best websites for finding used cars in France. These websites offer a wide range of models, from the classic Range Rover Sport to the modern CLA Class Shooting Brake.

Whether you are looking for a second-hand car for yourself or a new car for your family, these websites can help you find your dream car in France. So, let’s get started!

Where to Buy a Used Car in France?

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (2)

You find a used car dealer in person and online. However, many people now prefer looking for their new car online because doing allows them to look for specific E class coupe or C class coupe with a simple tap or click.

Used car websites allow you to browse thousands of listings, filter by criteria, view photos and videos, read reviews and ratings, contact the seller, and even book a test drive. You can also find useful information and tips on buying a used car in France, such as how to check the car’s condition, avoid scams, and complete all the required paperwork.

But with so many second hand car websites on the internet, it’s hard to know which one to use. To help you, here are the best websites for finding a used car in France.

1. Leboncoin.fr

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (3)

Leboncoin.fr offers essential online resources for car enthusiasts, connecting them with private sellers. The platform features a variety of vehicles, including the luxurious S-Class, catering to a diverse range of preferences.


  • Seamlessly explore many vehicles, from the versatile Discovery Sport to a wide selection of French brands.
  • Find your desired fit, whether the elegant C-Class, spacious B-Class, or the upscale SL-Class.
  • Benefit from detailed listings of vehicles like the M-Class and Land Rover, along with options like the GT Line and E-Class.


  • Access a vast array of vehicles from private sellers, potentially leading to better deals.
  • Gain the advantage of negotiating prices directly with sellers.
  • Navigate the user-friendly interface that facilitates finding your preferred car class with ease.


  • Lack of dealer involvement might lead to varying levels of vehicle quality and reliability.
  • Limited information on specific vehicle conditions could impact purchasing decisions.
  • The absence of dealer services might result in less post-purchase support.

Customer Reviews

Leboncoin.fr: This website has a Trustpilot rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on 90,305 reviews. Most users are satisfied with the variety, price, and convenience of buying and selling used cars on this website. However, some users complain about scams, fraud, and lack of security and warranty. You can read more reviews here.

My Take

Leboncoin.fr offers a direct route for purchasing vehicles, potentially at advantageous prices. However, caution is necessary when dealing with private sellers, especially for luxury classes like the S-Class. Exploring options like the Discovery Sport among various French brands, including the C-Class and B-Class, can provide tailored choices, albeit with the inherent risks of private transactions.

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2. Lacentrale.fr

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (4)

Lacentrale.fr is a comprehensive platform featuring various vehicles, from French brands to the versatile Discovery Sport. It is a hub for car enthusiasts and shoppers, offering diverse vehicles to explore.


  • Browse a variety of French brands, including models like the C-Class, B-Class, and E-Class.
  • Discover luxury options like the SL-Class, M-Class, GT Line, and rugged Land Rover choices.
  • Explore premium vehicles like the SLK-Class, CLA-Class, and Land Cruiser for various preferences.
  • Benefit from detailed information on vehicles like the Megane Coupe and modern classics like the Mustang Cabriolet.
  • Find the perfect fit with tailored offerings like the AMG Line, catering to individual preferences.


  • Uncover a wide array of vehicles, from the elegant GLA-Class to the spacious Grand Scenic.
  • Access detailed information crucial for making informed decisions, including Alfa Romeo models.
  • Explore a variety of categories, from the agile Transit Custom to options in the Grand Est region.


  • Limited coverage of non-French brands may narrow options for certain buyers.
  • A lack of emphasis on specific benefits might necessitate further research for comparative advantages.
  • The platform might benefit from interactive features like virtual test drives.

Customer Reviews

This website has a Trustpilot rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Most users are pleased with this website’s information, advice, and valuation of buying and selling used cars. They appreciate the accuracy, professionalism, and transparency of the website. Check the reviews here.

My Take:

Lacentrale.fr impresses with its extensive vehicle lineup, accommodating diverse preferences like the sought-after GLA-Class. While offering detailed information, it also showcases deals like the best prices for the Transit Custom.

However, the platform could enhance user experience by incorporating virtual test drives and expanding coverage of brands beyond French origins.

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3. L’argus.fr

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (5)

L’argus.fr offers a wealth of online resources for car enthusiasts, encompassing a wide range of vehicles from the sporty Range Rover Evoque to the luxurious Range Rover and even modern classics. With options like the A-Class and Range Rover Velar, this platform caters to various preferences, including sports cars.


  • Secure the best deal on vehicles like the Clio Estate and Yaris Cross.
  • Explore diverse options like the Megane Estate and GLC Coupe, considering both practicality and style.
  • Gain insights into cars from different regions, such as Pays de la Loire and Centre-Val de Loire.


  • Abundance of online resources provides extensive information for making informed decisions.
  • Direct interaction with private sellers could lead to potentially favorable deals.
  • Focus on modern classics satisfies the cravings of collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts.


  • Dealing with private sellers might involve higher risk and uncertainty in terms of vehicle condition.
  • Limited focus on specific dealer services could impact post-purchase support.
  • The broad range of options might be overwhelming for those seeking a concise selection.

Customer Reviews

This website has a Trustpilot rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars. Most users are unhappy with this website’s service, quality, and reliability in buying and selling used cars. They report problems such as false advertising, hidden fees, poor communication, and delayed delivery. Check the reviews here.

My Take

L’argus.fr stands as a valuable platform with a diverse collection of cars, catering to enthusiasts across categories like the Yaris Cross and Megane Estate. While connecting with private sellers can yield great deals, it’s vital to consider factors like the location of vehicles, such as those in Pays de la Loire.

However, the platform’s extensive resources fulfil the needs of both modern classic enthusiasts and individuals seeking more common choices like the Range Rover Evoque or A-Class.

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4. Autoscout24.fr

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (6)

Autoscout24.fr is a comprehensive platform catering to the French market, offering vehicles in regions like Hauts de France. It focuses on facilitating car purchases by providing extensive information on prices and options.


  • Explore a wide range of vehicles, from practical choices like the C-Max to luxurious options like the F-Pace.
  • Benefit from a user-friendly interface that aids in finding the ideal vehicle, including models like the T-Cross.
  • Access detailed information on various cars, including those equipped with E-Tech and E-Pace technologies.


  • Find a diverse selection of cars covering different preferences, such as the Passat SW.
  • Plan your purchase with a clear understanding of price ranges, ensuring budget-conscious decisions.
  • Easily discover available vehicles, especially for individuals with a specific three to six months timeline.


  • Limited coverage of specific vehicle categories might lead to less comprehensive options.
  • Lack of dealer-based services could impact post-purchase assistance.
  • In-depth research might be necessary for those seeking less common models like Octavia Combi or Xsara Picasso.

Customer Reviews

This website has a Trustpilot rating of 1.8 out of 5 stars. Most users are happy with this website’s selection, quality, and service for buying and selling used cars. They find the website easy to use, secure, and helpful. However, some users encounter technical glitches, spam messages, and fraud. Reviews are available here.

My Take

Autoscout24.fr presents a valuable platform for vehicle seekers, ranging from the trendy C-HR to practical choices like the Kangoo Express. While exploring options such as the X-Trail and T-Roc, it’s crucial to consider the platform’s focus on various regions within France, like Hauts de France, and ensure the desired car class, whether it’s the Passat SW or beyond.

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5. Capcar.fr

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (7)

Capcar.fr serves as a platform connecting car enthusiasts and buyers with private sellers in France, offering a variety of vehicles, including sports cars.


  • Seamlessly browse listings, including options like the Clio Societe and a range of Renault vehicles.
  • Connect with private sellers to explore, sell, and purchase cars directly.
  • Benefit from streamlined processes, making it convenient to list vehicles for sale and pay for desired models.
  • Access a collection of cars, from everyday options to sports cars like the E-Tron.


  • Direct interaction with private sellers enables personalized negotiations and potential cost savings.
  • Platform’s focus on sports cars caters to enthusiasts seeking performance-oriented options.
  • Emphasis on local listings within France could simplify logistics and transactions.


  • Private seller transactions may involve uncertainties regarding vehicle condition and post-purchase support.
  • Limited coverage beyond France might not accommodate international buyers.
  • Lack of dealer involvement could impact comprehensive vehicle inspections and certifications.

Customer Reviews

This website has a Trustpilot rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 1,024 reviews. Most users are impressed with this website’s innovation, efficiency, and simplicity in buying and selling used cars. They like the artificial intelligence system that analyzes and compares the car market data. However, some users suggest improvements, such as adding more filters, features, and languages. You can read more reviews here.

My Take

Capcar.fr offers a direct route for car enthusiasts and buyers to explore vehicles like the Clio Societe and Renault models while also catering to sports car enthusiasts with options like the E-Tron. While the platform simplifies buying and selling processes within France, dealing with private sellers requires careful consideration, especially in ensuring the condition and authenticity of the vehicle before finalizing the transaction.

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Best Used Car Websites in Europe in 2023

Car Prices in France

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (8)

The average price of a car in France depends on various factors, such as the car’s type, brand, model, year, condition, and mileage. According to Euro.DayFR.com, the average price of a new car in France was around 30,000 euros in 2020, while the average price of a used car was around 15,000 euros in 2019.

However, these are only rough estimates, and the actual price of a car can vary widely depending on the market situation and the seller’s offer.

The price of a car in France is generally higher than in nearby countries, such as Germany, Spain, Italy, or Belgium. This is mainly due to the higher taxes and fees that apply to cars in France, such as the value-added tax (VAT), the registration tax (carte grise), the ecological bonus-malus system, and the fuel tax.

However, some factors can lower the price of a car in France, such as discounts, subsidies, incentives, or trade-in deals. Therefore, it is important to compare different options and negotiate with the seller to get the best deal for your car.

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Popular Cars in France

5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (9)

Buying a popular car in France offers advantages like easy access to parts, affordable prices, strong resale value, and better performance. Notable options include:

  • Renault Clio: France’s top seller, balancing comfort and efficiency. New: €18,000, Used: €10,000.
  • Peugeot 208: Stylish and modern, with electric and hybrid choices. New: €20,000, Used: €12,000.
  • Citroen C3: Practical and customizable, offering comfort. New: €16,000, Used: €9,000.
  • Dacia Sandero: Reliable, budget-friendly, with a simple design. New: €10,000, Used: €7,000.
  • Renault Captur: Versatile compact SUV with performance. New: €22,000, Used: €14,000.

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Final Thoughts About The Best Websites to Find Used Cars – France

In conclusion, finding a used car in France can be rewarding with the right resources. The mentioned websites—Leboncoin.fr, Lacentrale.fr, L’argus.fr, Autoscout24.fr, and Capcar.fr—offer a range of options to suit diverse preferences and budgets.

While online platforms provide convenience and a wide selection, remember to exercise caution when dealing with private sellers. Explore these websites to discover your dream car, compare prices, and gather information to make an informed decision.

Click on the links provided and learn more about each platform’s offerings. Your exploration will help you find the perfect used car and support the continued content creation of this blog.

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5 Best Websites for Finding Used Cars in France (2024)
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